Almond Shave Soap Super Size 3.75oz


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How could we improve on our original Almond Glycerine Shave Soap?

Frankly, that question stumped us!

So, we settled on packing MORE of it in a handy Super Bar puck.

Right at the crossroads of semi-sweet and savoury, our Almond Super Bar Shave Soap delivers just a hint of mild amaretto scent, with all the rich, thick lather you've come to trust in all of our shave soaps.

After all, nothing puts the glide in your razor like glycerine.

Keep your skin feeling clean and soft longer with our larger size Almond Super Bar.

3.75 oz. round soap puck in a plastic clam-shell.

Outer diameter: 2 7/8"

Scent: Amaretto
Made in the USA