Amber After Shave 115ml


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Amber was our first scent in an after shave cologne, and we have to admit we retain a fondness for the sheer simplicity of the fragrance.

There's just a slight hint of a forested glade, with a suggestion of a cool resin.

Cool is the byword for Amber After Shave, in fact. Its mildly astringent properties work like a dash of cool water to tighten skin after a shave.

The Amber After Shave can keep the momentum going if you start with our Amber Shave Soap.

Or try a change of pace and apply the Amber After Shave following any of our Glycerine Shave Soaps, our New Natural Line of Shave Soaps or our Shave Cream.

Available in a 4 oz. stylish vintage bottle.

Made in USA.