Rio Grande Lavender Beard Wash 180ml


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The perfect cleaning and conditioning product for the bearded gentleman!

A beard is a wonderful phenomenon of nature: treat it as such!

Col Conk's Rio Grande Natural Beard Wash combines special shampoo, conditioner, aloe and Argan oil designed especially for facial hair.

Made by cosmetic artisans in small batches in the US, our Natural Rio Grande Lavender Beard Wash moisturises as it cleanses, not only preserving natural oils but neutralising any stray or lingering odours facial hair may have picked up.

As with our Beard Oil, the Colonel's declaration stands ”There's lavender, and then there's Rio Grande Lavender.” That's fitting, as “lavender” throughout its long history has been synonymous with “clean and strong.”

You'll notice the unique quality of Rio Grande Lavender Beard Wash instantly. It's bold. It's less flowery. It's got a distinctive masculine edge.

As close to natural as you can get, Col Conk's Santa Fe Cedar Beard Wash has the barest minimum of preservatives to keep the product fresh on your shelf